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search engine

Although Google tries to think like a human being, it is still only a computer & so relies upon a complex algorithm to compile the necessary data.This algorithm rely's upon looking for over one hundred different factors on each page which it then scores in order to be able to rank each site. These factors can also be over done so it is very important to seek professional guidance before attempting to optimize a site yourself.

Google uses electronic "spiders" to search for links on web sites, & then follows them reading all the text it can find on the way. It likes to find keywords in groups, headings, image labels etc, but not too many otherwise it will think that you are trying too hard & will then begin to count them against you.

Google has a huge problem with reading images & Java Script (flash buttons/links etc). The problem is it can't read them or follow them. This means that whilst you may have the richest content on the web for you given topic, if your navigation devices are images or Java Script then all google will see is a blank page with no links & you will forever wallow at number 1,4,5,8,000 in the rankings.



SN Tech Solutions is one of the primary SEO Services & Internet marketing Company, having its head quarters sales offices in New Delhi, India. We are into this business for quite long now, and we have high experience of SEO for different trades; for instance, Travel, Healthcare, Education, Pharma, Costmetic,

Apparels, IT, Hospitality and various other spirited business. For more, you can check out our patron’s link. Our work exhibits results and we at SN Tech offers superlative and within your means SEO services with appropriate SEO tactics, ideas and suggestions for high niche’s of client’s business on popular search engines such as Yahoo, MSN, Google, AltaVista Etc. However, our packages may vary with the client’s requirements. We make sure that our customers are contented with our unswerving development in traffic, keyword grading and conversions. For a trial you can call us for the FREE demo website inquiries and can verify the results. Simply fill the Request Form for the same and we will get in touch with you.

Why You Require High Search Engine Rankings for your business?

Higher search engine rankings means to generate heavy traffic from search engines. Traffic in technical terms in not associated with the road red-light traffic; however, it technical terms it is to drive prospective viewers to visit your website. The bulk of traffic to a web site is determined by main search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Any business website without traffic is just another crash of a business. It is very essential to get your business website programmed on the few initial pages of the searched results; though, it is been observed that the surfers usually prefer to check the first two pages in the searched results displayed. Hence, it is recommendable for any business to get listed in the first two pages. Therefore, to fascinate more surfers to your website, get your websited listed for higher search engine rankings

How SN Tech assist your company’s website?

We at SN Tech not only allows your company with Search Engine Optimization facility and leave the rest upto the surfers, but we make sure that the traffic is generated to your website and it converts it into getting some good business. We not only allow increasing traffic and superior positions on search engines, but we ensure that the surfers are converted to your customers. If you avail with the SEO services with us, we recognize high traffic generating keywords by which the surfers are searching and we then utilize those keywords on web pages. Another vital aspect is SN Tech makes your web pages search engine responsive and user friendly, we stick with moral practices, modify changes on your business web pages, mend technical issues, create absolute user-friendly matter for your web, scrutinize performance and keep you updated frequently with reasons that why are following these practices. We commit our customers to a long term relationship, and these modifications often lead to beneficial progresses in your business. When blended with other optimization programs, these modifications have a conspicuous influence on your web site, customer experience and functioning in unrefined search results. Therefore, this lead high returns on our customer’s investments.

Why only SN Tech Solutions for your company’s SEO?

SN Tech Solutions have been into this business for years now, and we have worked with all almost all sectors companies and have absolute expertise in managing projects of all scales of business. Our SEO technical players has in-depth knowledge in web marketing by following ethical techniques and result-oriented approach.